Discus is a collection of free online resources provided by the South Carolina State Library for South Carolina residents. Below are answers to frequently asked questions.


Accessing Discus

1. Who can access Discus?

Discus is available at no cost to South Carolina residents. Although Discus is available statewide, the resources are presented and accessed according to your institutional affiliation. Please contact your local library branch, school media specialist, or the Discus Office with any questions.

2. How do I get the statewide username and password?

There are a variety of ways to get the Discus username and password:

  • If you are a K-12 student, ask your school library media specialist for assistance.
  • If you are a student at a college or university, check with your academic library for assistance.
  • If you are a public library patron, ask the staff at your public library for assistance.

3. Has the Discus login changed? It worked fine when I used it before.

The username and password changes every August 1 and are valid for a full year. Usernames and passwords are always lowercase.. For the current Discus login, contact your school media specialist/librarian, public library, or the Discus Office at discusoffice@statelibrary.sc.gov.

4. I don’t live in South Carolina, but I do have an active South Carolina library card. Can I still use Discus?

Yes, please contact the public library that issued your library card to get the login information.

5. I’m a student at a South Carolina College/University, but I live out of state. Can I still use Discus?

Yes, please email the Discus Office at discusoffice@statelibrary.sc.gov to get the login credentials.

6. Do I need to verify that I’m a South Carolina resident to get the Discus login?

  • If you request the login through the Discus Office include where you live in South Carolina or which school you attend or are affiliated.
  • If you request the login through your public library, you may be asked for your library card number.

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Using Discus Databases

1. How do I choose a database? There are a couple of ways to choose a database on the Discus website.

2. Do you have a tutorial on how to navigate a database?

Yes, access the Resources tab, and click the Tutorials slider on the far right to view short tutorials on how to navigate many of the Discus resources.

3. Does Discus offer any other tutorials, lesson plans, or activities?


4. Is there a way to search several databases at once?


  • To search multiple databases for K-5 grade level, click the Discus Kids tab to search in SmartSearch Kids.
  • To search multiple databases for grades 6 -12, click the SmartSearch tab.

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Using Tutor.com through Discus

1. Is Tutor.com free?

Tutor.com is free and available for South Carolina K-12 students.

2. Do I need to make an account to connect with a tutor?

No, you can immediately connect with a tutor without making an account.

3. What’s the point of making an account with Tutor.com?

Creating an account with Tutor.com allows you to:

  • Store your assignments, class notes, projects, and more online in the Tutor.com locker.
  • Connect with your favorite tutor. No more random tutors. With an account, you can connect with your favorite tutor every time.
  • Submit papers for review, drop off a math question, take practice quizzes, and more.

4. The Tutor.com website is asking me to log in. I thought I didn’t have to sign up?

Please make sure you click on the Tutor.com link on the Resources page. The Tutor.com webpage should look like this:

5. For what subjects does Tutor.com provide tutoring?

Tutor.com offers help in core subjects like math, reading, science, English, and social studies. In addition, tutoring is available for ESL/ELL, world languages, and computer literacy.

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1. Help! I tried using one of the databases, and it is not opening.

If the database is not opening, you may need to try opening it in a different browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Also, clear the cookies in your browser and then reload the page to see if it will open.

2. How can I get help from the Discus Office?

Submit your question by email to the Discus Office at discusoffice@statelibrary.sc.gov or call (803) 545-0201.

3. How can I get help from the Discus Office after-hours or on the weekend?

Please email the Discus Office at discusoffice@statelibrary.sc.gov after-hours or on the weekend.

4. What do I need to include with my question when I email the Discus Office?

The more information you can provide about the problem will help us quickly find a solution. If possible, please send screenshots of the problem along with a screenshot of the web link, for example:

Example Screenshot of Web Link:

Example Screenshot of the Problem:

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1. Do any of the Discus databases have a mobile app?

Yes, EBSCO, and TumbleBooks have mobile apps on Android and Apple. For Android users, visit Google Play to download these apps. For Apple users, visit the App Store to download these apps. For more mobile related questions, visit the Mobile Access page.

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Discus Contact Information

1. How do I call or email someone at the Discus Office?

You can reach us by phone, 803-545-0201, or email the Discus Office at discusoffice@statelibrary.sc.gov.

2. What is your mailing address?

Discus Office
1500 Senate St.
Columbia, SC 29201

3. Is Discus on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

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