All Discus resources are designed to be mobile friendly and can be accessed on mobile devices. The database providers currently offering access via a free app are EBSCO, Gale Cengage, and TumbleBooks. For help with the Discus statewide username and password please contact the Discus Office at or call (803) 545-0201.


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Apple iOS 11.0 and up is required in order to download and use the EBSCO app. Android OS must be 9.0 and up  is required and Chromebooks that support Android apps via Google Play.

Choose EBSCO Mobile and then search for your institution or Discus.

More information is available via the Quick Start Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, or the Installation and Authentication Guide.

Gale Cengage - Access My Library (AML)

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Apple iOS 13.0 and up is required in order to download and use AML. More information can be found on Gale Support. Android OS must be 6.0 and up to download and use AML.

View the short tutorial or download the flyer for more information.

LearningExpress Library

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Note: You must have an EBSCO LearningExpress Library account to log in to this app.

Apple iOS 10.0 or later is required in order to download and use this app. Android OS must be 8.0 and up to download and use the app.

TumbleBooks and TeenBookCloud

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Click the "School" option when logging in and enter the Discus username and password. 

If the layout is difficult to use you can view a Desktop version on Safari or Chrome. 

1Open Safari or Chrome on your iPhone or iPad and load Discus.

2. Safari users - Tap and hold on the “Refresh” button next to the URL bar. A pop-up appears at the bottom of the screen, choose Request Desktop Site from the two options. 

3. Chrome users - Tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and tick Desktop Site. Discus will reload and you should see the desktop version.