Gale provides two linking choices for access to their products. You may link to either:

  • the PowerSearch common menu of all Gale databases; or
  • each individual database directly.

Note: In order for your links to function properly with either of the above options, you must substitute the correct location ID for your institution where indicated in the URLs below. Please contact the Discus Office for your institution’s location ID.

Link to PowerSearch Common Menu

Common Menu -

Link to Individual Database

  • Gale eBooks -
  • Gale in Context: Biography -
  • Gale in Context: Elementary -
  • Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints -

For your convenience, Gale has created a Discus Technical Support Page. This page provides important information to assist you with full implementation of the Gale databases provided by Discus, including:

  • Gale contacts
  • linking instructions
  • icons, widgets, and marketing material
  • e-book MARC records
  • training and technical resources