Online Training

What is an online training/webinar?
It is simply a live training session accessed on a personal computer, with no travel involved. The session takes place through your computer, with the instruction appearing on the screen and the audio delivered through the computer's speakers (VoIP) or via telephone.

How long do online trainings/webinars last?
The sessions are generally an hour or less.

Do I need special equipment to participate?
Not really. In addition to your personal computer, a headset (microphone and earphone combination) is recommended but not required. If the audio is delivered through your computer (VoIP) rather than by telephone, a headset will allow you to speak to the trainer if you wish, providing a more interactive training session. Communication is also possible through the text chat feature.

What are the technical requirements for participation?
The technical requirements depend upon the web conferencing software used to deliver the online session. Here are the technical specifications for commonly used tools.

How do I participate in an online training/webinar?
Locate the training that interests you on the Discus Training Schedule and follow the instructions for registration (if required) and access.

Can participation in the webinar be done as a group activity?
Yes. Through the use of only one computer that is connected to projection equipment, a group of people at one physical location can participate together. If the webinar uses VoIP for the audio, a set of external speakers with appropriate volume is needed. If the audio is delivered via telephone, a speaker phone with adequate volume must be used. Questions or comments from the participants to the trainer can be relayed by the person acting as the local onsite facilitator for the webinar.

Can I receive a certificate of participation once the webinar has concluded?
Yes, certificates are available. Please communicate your request directly to the trainer during the webinar or very shortly thereafter. Participants must complete the entire webinar in order to receive a certificate.