Discus News

Discus Promotional Kits

Image of the items in the kits

The Discus Office is sending out Discus promotional kits to all of our participating schools! Each kit includes bookmarks, brochures, mousepads, pens, pencils, rulers, wristbands, sticky notes, a Discus poster, and the Username and Password flyer. Each kit should be delivered no later than Monday, August 29, 2016.


Proposed Changes to DISCUS

The South Carolina House of Representatives members have rejected the Senate’s version of the budget for the South Carolina State Library, and have submitted an amendment to control the type of materials that are purchased for DISCUS, this means that the budget will go to a conference committee for discussion. Differences in recommendations will now be decided by the budget conference committee: 3 appointed House of Representatives members and 3 appointed Senate members.

BrainPOP Jr. Access

BrainPOP Jr. logo

The Discus Office has received numerous questions regarding access to BrainPOP, Jr. Some users are understandably confused by the little 'Login' box at the top right of the BrainPOP Jr. homepage.