Technical Support

Information for Technical Staff or Systems Administrators

Discus uses a proxy service to facilitate access to the collection of online resources from the Discus portal site. If your institution is using filtering software to regulate Internet access, you will need to add the domain name of the Discus proxy server to the trust list in order to allow your users to access the online resources. Please add the following domain [ ] to your trust lists. The list below will also allow easy access to our vendors' websites.

The resources provided by the Discus program allow students and educators to email useful content to themselves or others. If your school district or private school blocks email messages coming from unknown domains, please consider allowing the following email domains as well as allowing "noreply" messages. These are used by the companies that provide the Discus resources to South Carolina institutions. Allowing students and educators to receive email from these domains enables them to use the Discus resources more effectively.

Database Vendor Sites for Technical Support



Infobase Learning


LearningExpress Library

ProQuest (for CultureGrams)

Britannica Read Aloud Technology

Britannica's Read Aloud feature, which allows users to click a button and hear a paragraph of text read out loud, is provided to all users at the elementary level. System administrators should be given the following information regarding the technical requirements for the Read Aloud feature.

  • The following Internet access must be allowed:   3600   IN   A   Port 8080   3600   IN   A   Port 8080
  • Computer plug-in Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or higher.
    Download Flash Player for free.

For further information, please contact Britannica Technical Support at (800) 621-3900 x7160 or

LearningExpress Library Courses

Computer skills courses in LearningExpress Library include video streaming. Access to port 1120 must be enabled for successful use of the video stream. The computer skills courses also require Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher. For further information, please contact Customer Support.