Facts on File

Bloom’s Literature

Bloom's Literature - http://online.infobaselearning.com/Direct.aspx?aid=XXXXXX&pid=WE54

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Special Instructions for Configuring EZproxy

Title - insert database title here
URL - insert database URL here
Domain - infobaselearning.com
Host - online.infobaselearning.com

Please make sure that the new port which EZproxy will assign to the new infobaselearning.com domain is not blocked by your firewall.

Also note that several of the Infobase databases now have an infobase.com domain; please add the below configuration to your proxy settings.

Title - Facts On File Databases
URL - http:/*.infobaselearning.com
Domain - infobaselearning.com
Host - *.infobaselearning.com


Title - Infobase Products
URL - http://*.infobase.com
Domain - infobase.com
Host - *.infobase.com


Learn360 - http://scdiscus.org/learn360

Learn360 is primarily intended for K-12 institutions; therefore, public libraries are unable to link directly to the database. They can, however, link to the individual Discus webpage for Learn360. If public libraries choose to link this way we ask that they use the logo below.


Configuring EZproxy

Title - Learn360
URL - http://learn360.infobase.com
Domain -  infobase.com
Host - learn360.infobase.com
Host - https://learn360.infobase.com